current works



Fickle and Fine had our debut show here in Austin

as a participating vendor for Austins East Side Studio Tour.

Pleased to announce it was a great success!

Thank you all for your continued support!




Current work

little acorn


Acorn as metaphor. This pendant represents all the promise and potential of a mighty oak. Containing the DNA required to create a tree that is capable of withstanding almost anything life blows through its boughs, the acorn is a seed. We each contain all we need to create something just as sturdy, far-reaching, deep-rooted, and beautiful. It’s in the dying each year that acorns drop from an oak’s branches. My little niece is less than two years old, yet she gathers these little seeds in the apron of her dress, and carries them like treasures across the yard. She sees what we must see…indeed,  gifts from above.


In findings of silver and stone, I’ve created a mighty acorn for you. May it remind you of all you possess, talents ready to grow and give for a lifetime.



Tough rings

spinning wheels


what lies behind us

and what lies before us

are tiny matters

compared to what lies within us…

quote investigator gives credit to henry haskins, meditations in wall street, 1940

this tough ring is a blend of ideas

the braided piece a reflection of how intertwined our lives become

the nailed piece a symbol of our creator

the woven waves allude to forward motion

i love the sturdy hardware look of this ring

on hands that do work… blue collar hands



Stones 1stones




these slices of stone slide through my thoughts today

as i contemplate what they will become…